Paumanok Veterinary Hospital Awards

Paumanok Veterinary Hospital is an community minded award winning hospital dedicated to providing the best in animal healthcare services. We are proud recipients of the following awards:

  • 12/1993 Outstanding service to the Long Island Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Dee Hensen
  • 1996 Outstanding Service to Youth Award from the town of Brookhaven Youth Bureau, Dr. Dee Hensen
  • 9/2004 Dedicated Community Service Award from Rocky Point Rotary Club and Rocky Point Lions Club, Dr. David Hensen
  • 2004 Cornell Cooperative Extension Recognition for Outstanding Leadership in Education Programs, Dr. Dee Hensen
  • 2/2005 Super Dedicated Participation Award from Mentoring Partnership of Long Island, Paumanok Veterinary Hospital
  • 6/2011 LIVMA Meritorious Service Award for service to the community and veterinary medicine, Dr. Dee Hensen
  • 3/2013 Certificate of Appreciation from Patchogue Medford High School Corporate Raiders internship program, Paumanok Veterinary Hospital
  • 4/2013 Honorary Inductees into PMHS National Business Honor Society, Dr's. Dee and Dave Hensen
  • 5/2013 NYS Employer Recognition Regional Certificate for Increasing opportunities for individuals with disabilities, Paumanok Veterinary Hospital

“Thanks Drs. Dave, Dee, and your wonderful staff. It has been just about a year since we found out that Sullivan, our 7Ĺ-year-old German shepherd, had cancer. We had just lost his brother, Finnigan, 6 months earlier to a genetic disorder. WE WERE HORRIFIED!!! Surgery was necessary to remove the tumor. The procedure was radical, and Dr. Dave had never preformed it before. He was ready to call in a specialist. Dr. Dave and his wonderful staff have cared for our Sully and his brother Fin ever since they were 8 weeks old. If he believed he could perform the surgery, we wanted him to do it. The prognosis was not good. This type of cancer would probably return within the year. Well, Sully is doing just great. He is cancer free. Our heartfelt thanks just donít seem to be enough. Drs. Dave, Dee, and the staff at Paumanok are the only ones we will ever use.”

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