Veterinary Diagnostics: Early Diagnosis Can Be Crucial for Your Pet

Veterinary Diagnostics: Crucial Care For Your Pet

Because your pet canít talk to us and tell us whatís wrong, quick and accurate diagnostic tests are needed to make decisions and plan immediate and long-term care. Early detection of illness allows us to treat your pet more effectively. Paumanok Veterinary Hospital has the latest testing equipment available on site to assist us in making a correct diagnosis so that we can begin appropriate treatment as quickly as possible. Our reference lab, Antech, provides three daily pickups to further ensure rapid turnaround of more comprehensive tests.

We employ many blood tests to make early and accurate detection of illness possible:

  • Complete blood count
  • Liver enzymes
  • Kidneys
  • Internal organ function
  • Platelets
  • Glucose (diabetes)

Having the ability to conduct accurate diagnostic tests means that as soon as the results are known, we can begin the proper treatment for your pet. This is especially valuable for pre-anesthetic testing that may be recommended if your pet is about to undergo surgery. Selective pre-anesthetic testing provides you with peace of mind while staying within budget. The lab results give us important physiological information on your pet before we administer anesthesia.

By doing these tests on a regular basis, we develop a base-line history of what is normal for your pet. This makes evaluation of your pet easier if there is an emergency or a medical problem down the road.

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